Wireless Security

Wireless networking offers clear benefits for large and small businesses. It saves time and money when deploying a local area network by eliminating wires, plugs, switches, and construction (such as drilling holes in walls). It also liberates your work force by allowing them to go mobile even within an office building, doing away with “plugging in” for meetings and presentations. Workers are free to group together wherever they need to accomplish tasks efficiently, without worrying about network connectivity.

However, the explosive growth in wireless networking has been tempered by widely known problems with security.

Our approach is a simplified operation of secure and reliable wireless network in conjunction with an integrated security system UTM (Unified Threat Management) and specific APs (access points), suitable for small and medium businesses ensuring reliable wireless access for all users in a network with centralized management and security.

This solution works directly without additional devices or complex settings. The system uses the most advanced encryption and supports all available authentication standards including WPA2-Enterprise, in conjunction with standard IEEE 802.1X (authentication RADIUS). The system supports guest vouchers for daily or weekly access, special individual user bandwidth management (QoS), inappropriate content filtering, special hotspot pages and more.


  • WPA2-Enterprise in combination with IEEE 802.1X (RADIUS authentication)
  • Block-based encryption, providing the highest level of assurance that data is protected
  • Fully customizable login pages and vouchers based upon templates—so you design the user experience and promote your company brand
  • Set bandwidth limits and enforce inappropriate content filtering
  • Support for the latest high-speed wireless standards including 802.11ac and 802.11n for up to Gigabit wireless speeds
  • Automated channel selection and optimization for maximum performance and minimum interference under any situation

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