Web Protection

Nowadays, companies that don’t manage their Web usage are risking more than occasional embarrassment and wasted time. Malicious content can cripple entire networks, expose employers to lawsuits and eat away at profits. Until now, however, the only security options have been expensive to buy and difficult to manage for even the largest companies.

We deliver affordable, easy-to-use Web Protection solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Our Web Protection technologies, secure your Windows, Mac, Linux and virtualized systems against malware, adware and suspicious files and behavior also we help you control web usage, devices and applications, and provide protection for Microsoft Exchange.

There is always on and continuously updated and you get the control your business needs without the complexity and cost of other Web-security services.


  • Shields your network from malware, adware and viruses
  • Protects your employees and improves productivity
  • Helps avoid legal and compliance issues
  • Deploys quickly and customizes easily
  • Allows different levels of filtering for different workgroups or individuals
  • Enforces safe search feature of major search engines
  • Tracks and reports employee Web usage
  • Costs less at start-up and over time
  • Easy management by one console

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