Mobile Security & Communications

Mobile Device & Content Management

Today business collects, transmits and accesses large amounts of data every single day, often across multiple devices. The sophistication of today’s technology — and the ease with which it can be hacked — means that your data can and should be safely guarded so it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Our mobile device management and BYOD solutions control and protect the data and configuration settings for any mobile device in business network, whether it’s a personal or company-owned device.

Every business has different data-management needs, with our per user license, you can let your users bring multiple mobile devices to work without impacting your IT budget.


  • iOS, Android, Windows 8 and more
  • Quickly establish policies for giving access to corporate email and data
  • Lock or wipe lost or stolen devices, and manage apps
  • Over-the-air updates and end user self-service portal for easy management
  • Identify or ban unauthorized use Release storage devices, optical media (media drives) and wireless networking protocols
  • Authorize Certain USB Media for senior executives and ban anyone else
  • Identify or ban file transfer with system prompts user
  • Prevent Leakage of sensitive data (DLP) in removable devices, browsers, users exchange instant messaging and other applications
  • Decisions Control of End Users to inducement system to a central management console
  • Easily manage apps with your own enterprise app store
  • Transparently encrypts each file, letting you rest assured that your documents and data remain safe—not just in the office, but everywhere your users go
  • Accesses content from various cloud storage providers like Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Egnyte and various WebDAV compatible solutions
  • Selectively wipes all corporate emails, once a user leaves the company

Mobile Unified Communications and Collaboration

Business people have more ways to stay in touch than ever before.

VoIP and traditional telephony, voicemail, email, instant messaging, text messaging, presence systems, videoconferencing … the list goes on.

Each technology promises to help them stay in touch with co-workers, customers, partners, and business processes, keeping them connected, responsive, and efficient. For the enterprise as a whole, the rewards include cost savings, satisfied customers, more efficient business processes, and higher productivity.

But when all of those technologies work independently of one another, they can actually make communications less efficient and more confusing. Multiple phone numbers, email addresses, and collaboration tools can result in missed calls, telephone tag, rapidly filling email inboxes, wasted time, and unhappy customers.

They can also eat into IT budgets, as time and resources are spent administering a growing array of communications tools on a variety of infrastructures.

To overcome the challenges and realize the potential of these tools, organizations are taking communications technologies out of their silos and uniting them in a single, coherent, centrally administered Unified Communications and Collaboration solution.

With our UCC solutions the technologies can work together to deliver on the promise of more flexible, efficient, cost-effective communication throughout the enterprise.


  • Low cost of ownership
  • Easy installation
  • Synchronize e-mail using ActiveSync protocol that is supported by almost all modern mobile devices
  • Implementation of mobile platforms for IOS and Android
  • Services Tel. Centre (PBX) locally or in the cloud
  • Instant messaging IM
  • Access to the file server via WebDAV

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