Managed WiFi Solutions

Wi-Fi has become ubiquitous across all major vertical markets and according to Gartner Inc. by 2018, more than 50 percent of users will use a tablet or smartphone first for all online activities.

An other recent survey indicated nine out of ten people spend at least nineteen hours a day within Wi-Fi range.

Wi-Fi will quickly surpass global cellular availability.

We can build secure Wi-Fi in public locations or crowded areas such as shopping malls, airports, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, metro, train and bus stations.

Our solution (a direct digital sales approach) allows companies to capitalize on the benefits of public Wi-Fi by ensuring that anyone using the internet service within a public space required to simply see an advertisement to gain access.


  • Easy: All that without an app-installation for the Wi-Fi users, directly and without detours.
  • Flexible: We can use existing Wi-Fi-infrastructures there are many cases for the free wifi service.
  • Free: Wi-Fi service allows you to offer your customers, visitors and employees an independent, open, digital channel.
  • Lucrative: With free Wi-Fi service you can make money with your Wi-Fi infrastructure, increase customer loyalty and market your own sales areas.
  • Statistics: Our solution offers an overview of online users and today’s summary including online users, page impressions and other relevant metrics.

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