Endpoint security

Antivirus & Firewall

Viruses are the most well known computer attackers, and they can do all sorts of damage. There are many types of viruses that each have the ability to compromise business networks in different ways. Today the goal of many network administrators is to have a 100% up time, without having Antivirus on endpoints in the network, this goal will not be obtained. Viruses and worms have the ability to knock an unprotected business network out for days and weeks. The cost of having the network down for this period of time could be devastating to a business.

PCLOGIC have Antivirus and Firewall solutions to protect any size of business from latest sophisticated threats. We use antivirus technologies that are optimized to quickly scan without slowing down computers and smart firewalls that prevent any invasion that can be fatal for business sensitive data.

Features of our Antivirus & Firewalls solution:

  • Proven protection that automatically identifies threats and blocks them or cleans them up
  • Built-in host intrusion prevention systems (HIPS) automatically adjusts itself to effectively combat malware
  • Single agent provides fast scanning and resource efficiency, delivering effective protection with less impact on your users
  • Role-based administration lets you share and delegate responsibility for actions, such as cleaning up infections
  • Easily find computers and deploy antivirus using your choice of deployment methods, including Active Directory
  • Scans for malicious code from websites before it becomes a problem
  • Blocks inappropriate content with website filtering
  • Manage all your Windows, Mac, Linux and virtualized endpoints in a single console and can be cloud based

Web & Application Control

Applications are the lifeblood of today’s organizations as they allow workers to perform crucial business tasks. When granted access to enterprise networks and the Internet, applications can enable sharing of information within workgroups, throughout an enterprise and externally with partners and customers.

Not long ago, when applications were launched only from desktop computers and servers inside the corporate network, data security policies were relatively easy to enforce.

However, today’s organizations are grappling with a new generation of security threats. Consumer-driven technology has unleashed a new wave of Internet-based applications that can easily penetrate and circumvent traditional network security barriers.

Our security solution provides complete content protection, including application detection, monitoring and control and can discover threats embedded in Internet-based application traffic, and protect against data loss resulting from inappropriate use of social media applications.


  • Granular control of social networks, application and features within applications – identify, allow, block or limit usage
  • User and group granularity in policy and reporting
  • Intuitively grouped in categories—including Web 2.0, IM, P2P, Voice & Video and File Share
  • Centralized management of security policy via a single console

Data Encryption

Data encryption refers to the process of transforming electronic information into a scrambled form that can only be read by someone who knows how to translate the code. Encryption is important in the business world because it is the easiest and most practical method of protecting data that is stored, processed, or transmitted electronically. It is vital to electronic commerce, for example, because it allows merchants to protect customers’ credit card numbers and personal information from computer hackers or competitors. It is also commonly used to protect legal contracts, sensitive documents, and personal messages that are sent over the Internet. Without encryption, this information could be intercepted and altered or misused by outsiders. In addition, encryption is used to scramble sensitive information that is stored on business computer networks, and to create digital signatures to authenticate e-mail and other types of messages sent between businesses.


  • Configure file encryption for shared folders
  • Makes sure only certain users or groups are able to access data
  • Doesn’t require any interaction from your users
  • Provides extra layer of protection if/when corporate servers move to the cloud
  • Encrypts files uploaded to cloud storage services
  • Allows secure data sharing everywhere
  • Automatically detects and supports most popular cloud storage services such as Dropbox, OneDrive and Egnyte
  • Read encrypted files with our free Mobile Encryption app for iOS and Android
  • Proven encryption technology certified by organizations across the world (FIPS, CC EAL4 and more)
  • Flexible recovery options for keys, data and forgotten passwords
  • Center as all other devices
  • Manage FileVault 2 encrypted devices
  • Works in the background without impacting performance
  • Complete visibility and reporting on encryption status
  • Share encrypted data on removable media easily across your organization without impacting your users
  • Removable media whitelisting makes encryption management easier and more flexible
  • Manage devices and data in the single Management Center

Network Access Control – NAC & Patch Assessment

Today’s enterprise networks contain a vast and increasing range of devices—traditional computers, mobile devices, industrial controls, virtualized servers, and cloud-based applications, among other things.

NAC systems is vital for your business because scan computers as they log onto a network to make sure they are up to date with antivirus software and patches.

We install NAC solutions that provide comprehensive means to monitor and enforce network access and endpoint security policy


  • Compliance with the Security Policy of the Company
  • Check to thousands safety applications and versions updates compliance
  • Isolation computers that not comply with company policy
  • Simplification control functions (Auditing) to provide strong references and recent data or past
  • Protecting Sensitive Data
  • Tracking non-compliant computers that are vulnerable to threats
  • Search for Windows updates and other updates common applications
  • Priority Updates relating to serious threats
  • Determination of Significant Updates sorted by manufacturer, threat, priority and other features

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