Digital Signage Solutions

Signage your Business!

Interact with your local audience at the point of interest.

Digital signage is an extremely versatile communication way. It is commonly used for demonstrating visual messages for informational or advertising purposes in public locations such us shopping malls, airports, hospitals, banks, metro, bus and train stations and other public venues also used in corporate, employee-facing environments.

Content is continuously updated so the information displayed is always relevant to the audience. The technology can be adapted to serve any type of application, from advertising to alert notifications.

Our solution is a cloud based SaaS product that gives you a low cost hosted solution that grows as you grow. Start small and expand at your own pace working within your own budgets.

Dynamic digital signage can play an integral role in a business’ signage strategy. While most signage applications will continue to involve printed graphics, the addition of a digital display into an environment can drive home important marketing messages, complement visual themes, and serve as a source of entertainment and information.


  • Deliver news and information in real time to one or more screens
  • Update content remotely over the web
  • Interact with your local audience with instant notifications about weather alerts, security threats and other various announcements
  • More cost effective over printed or other types of static signs
  • Can distribute various types of content to businesses, organizations and governmental institutions
  • Wide range of media formats supported so this enhanced with visuals, video and multimedia for more compelling presentations
  • Flexible screen layout designer
  • Reliable, Secure and Scalable
  • Simple to use

Simple to use – add, schedule and publish your message on your screens within minutes.

Designed for the cloud – scalable and reliable. No licenses to buy, no servers to maintain.

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Cost Effective – pay monthly or yearly and enjoy free updates and free email support.

Cross platform – able to be used on different types of computers Linux, Mac,Windows

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