Communication Solutions

Unified Communication Solutions

Unified communications (UC) is a new communication architecture technology that enables better collaboration by unifying formerly separate modes of communication into a single, combined user experience.

UC communications increase productivity and reduce costs by enable your business to move with greater speed and agility, empowers people to communicate more efficiently and improves business processes.

PCLOGIC offer flexible UC comminications that includes: email server, VoIP and SIP telephony, text and voice messaging, audio and video conferencing, Web collaboration with presence notification, groupware and calendar tasks, also we can connect this solution with GSM system and fax service, all these with full unification between pc, tablet or smartphone from one simple interface.

Features of our UC solutions:

  • Real unified communications all in one
  • Possibility for telephony browser via a special interface in HTML5 (no phone devices needed)
  • Web Realtime Communications (WebRTC) for direct communication (no plugin in the browser needed)
  • Very low cost telephony via SIP
  • Innovative email protection
  • Ability to email archiving
  • Ability to send and receive fax anywhere
  • Possibility for log analysis and recording
  • Event file analysis capabilities and business intelligence

Email Communications

Email has revolutionized business communications and is necessary for all commercial correspondence of transactions, e-commerce, exchange of information etc.

We have experience to offer high performance mail server and provide a fast and secure email transfer, processing and delivery to your company.

Our mail server solution provides stability, unsurpassed flexibility and an extensive feature set such us instant messaging capabilities, meetings, calendar, tasks, groupware, for fixed and mobile devices.

There is ability to upgrade this solution to a PBX and interconnection with mobile system, integration with fax service system and finally to enable unified communications at all levels.

Features of our email solutions:

  • Advanced Web-Mail based in HTML5
  • Individual and central inbound message processing rules
  • Relocation, Windows / Mac / Linux / iOS / Android
  • Unified communication environment all in one
  • Expandable option for sip telephony
  • Ability to use telephone via web browser (without telephones)
  • Inovative email protection
  • Ability to archive email
  • Excellent management of storage space
  • Business intelligence with advance log analysis and events
  • Easy to deploy with too many features
  • Low implementation and maintenance costs

Unified VoIP Communication Solutions

In today’s age of internet modern businesses are opting for VoIP communications over traditional PBX phone systems due to the added features and lower costs.

Unified VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a system that delivers voice calls over the internet rather than a traditional phone line.

PCLOGIC can design an end-to-end quality unified VoIP communications with equipment, Local Area Network (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN) and remote worker setup that can complement your existing investment.

Our unified VoIP solution offers all of the communication features you’ve come to expect from your business’ landline. On top of that our solution offers features that may be particularly beneficial to your business. For example, you can place or receive a call and listen to your voicemail right from your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Benefits of our Unified VoIP solutions:

  • Simplify your operations with one bill because a typical VoIP plan will include communication solutions like feature-rich phone service, instant messaging, voice mail, teleconferencing, and more. Without a unified VoIP solution a business would have to pay for each one these services and manage them separately.
  • Take 100% of your internet connection
  • Eliminate long distance phone charges
  • Improves collaboration across your entire business
  • Giving your company the communication tools you need to succeed

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