Our approach

The value of IP connectivity is increasing in any organisation, it’s not about connecting pc’s to servers any more but a variety of new applications such as video collaboration,cloud access, new kind of users and internet enable devices, not just smartphones and tablets but sensors and machines. All of this connectivity needs to be provided not only in the headquarter but in any site of organization.

The way we manage networking essentially has not change in 20 years. Everything is done on per device basis manually and therefore its slow,expensive and error-prone. Also today the security is based on signature based perimeter filtering solutions  which is the best we can do, but reality show that is not good enough.

Our approach to networking, security and communication in modern business environment consists from three values:

  • Low TCO  of solution 
  • Easy to manage and deployment
  • Flexible in cooperation with other technologies 

Our Solutions and Services

With over 12 years of experience PCLOGIC provide leading edge IT solutions and services.
We cover technology areas of information security, advance networking, unified communications, data storage, virtualization and systems management solutions.

Technical Support Services

Depending on your company needs we can evaluate and provide support services for computer systems and network infrastructure. We have extensive experience and we can face even the most complex technical problems.

Integrated Information Systems

Evaluating current and future needs of modern business infrastructure, we undertake the overall installation of information systems and network infrastructure proposing optimised solutions.

Secure Information Systems

Following appraisal of your company security levels we can indicate to you the required steps to optimize and the appropriate systems for the implementation.

Unified Communications Systems

We offer next generation solutions in the communication field that can help companies to be in constant contact and collaboration in the best way through messaging email, instant messaging and voice calls through any device, anywhere, anytime.

Networking & Security

Our Services

Our goal is not just to provide solutions with the appropriate system required, but be the partner of choice for customers at affordable prices within the shortest downtime possible.

Advanced Networking

We provide design and implement services of local (LAN), wide (WAN) wireless (WiFi) and virtual networks (VPN), always giving first priority to the quality and security of the service.


Network Security

We combine the best methods to build an effective and secure business environment to defend against the latest cyber threats, gain greater network control, protect your operations and sensitive information across the enterprise.

We offer business oriented IT solutions & services  with high value but with low cost.

Virtualization and Cloud Solutions

We believe that virtualization is the next step in operational management of business resources. Using new internet technologies, we can transfer and manage the entire company infrastructure safely in the cloud.

Communications Services

We design and provide a flexible mobile environment for your business using the latest UC communication technologies. Now you can have your office in your pocket – anywhere, anytime and reduce overall communication costs.

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